As a school, you need to keep a copy of all your graduated students' transcripts, but those transcripts can quickly pile up. Archiving is the solution.

The archive feature allows storage of up to 10 times the active transcript limit on your plan. For example, our entry level school plan gives you 30 active transcripts, but allows you to archive 300. This is the perfect way to keep all your graduated students' transcripts accessible without upgrading to a larger plan.

Active transcripts are transcripts you're currently working on. These are fully editable and can be printed at any time. Active transcripts count towards the active transcript limit on your subscription plan.

Once a transcript has been archived, you can still print or duplicate it but you can't edit it. It won't show up in the drop-down of current transcripts on the top-right side of the main transcript editor either. Archived transcripts count towards the archived transcript limit on your subscription plan.

If you need to make changes to an archived transcript, click on "My Students" to find the transcript. Once found, choose the "Restore" option to make it active and editable again. Note that if you run out of room for active transcripts on your account, you won't be able to restore a transcript. You'll need to delete or archive an active transcript first to make room.