Not all courses taken in high school are of the same caliber. Some courses are more difficult than others and should be viewed in a different light. Transcript Maker gives you the ability to show what type of courses your student has taken by allowing a designation to be added to each course. 

A course type is the group into which a specific course belongs. A regular course that doesn't require additional coursework, or doesn't have a higher than normal grading scale is considered a regular course. Honors courses are more rigorous and demand more effort from the student, usually have a higher grading scale, and are seen as indicating that the student is of higher ability. Dual enrollment (DE) courses are courses taken at a college, which allow the student to earn high school and college credit at the same time and shows that the student is ready for rigorous coursework required at college. Advanced Placement (AP) are high school courses that allow students the opportunity to earn college credit by examination after completing the course. Summer school is another course type that can be shown on a transcript. 

Transcript Maker gives you the ability to add course types as needed. Colleges like to know the types of courses students have taken as it gives them a snapshot of the student's abilities and readiness for college level coursework.