When you are working on your student's transcript, you may notice that the maximum grade point average (GPA) is showing as 4.33. This can occur if you've selected 4.33 as your grading scale. In this situation, the GPA on your transcript is calculated using these mappings:

A+ .... 4.33
A ...... 4.00
A- ..... 3.67
B+ .... 3.33
B ...... 3.00
B- ..... 2.67
C+ .... 2.33
C ...... 2.00
C- ..... 1.67
D+ .... 1.33
D ...... 1.00
D- ..... 0.67
F ....... 0
Pass .. 0
Fail ... 0

For each course, the numerical grade (given above) is multiplied by the number of credit hours. This gives the grade points for the course. The grade points are totaled across all courses on the transcript and divided by the total number of credit hours on the transcript to give the GPA.

The highest grade point that can be earned is 4.33, so when you see a figure such as 4.11/4.33, the first number of 4.11 is showing the GPA our theoretical student has achieved out of the highest possible GPA of 4.33, if that student had earned an A+ on every course.

If you don't want 4.33 to be the highest grade point on your transcript, choose a different grading scale from the "Settings" tab.